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Paul de Wet - Managing Director

Paul de Wet – Managing Director

E.C. de Wet Transport / PEC Transport is based in Kestell, Free State, South Africa. We specialise in the transportation of Agricultural Equipment and containers throughout Southern Africa and neighbouring countries.

This company was established in 2002.


E C de Wet Transport is lead by Paul and Tia de Wet. Paul grew up on a farm and matriculated in Kroonstad Agricultural School.

After he matriculated, he started his own business in farming and construction.

He bought his first truck in 2002 to transport his own equipment.

When he got the opportunity to transport the agriculture equipment of a company in Kroonstad, he immediately grabbed the opportunity and bought his second truck.

Paul drove his own truck for one and a half years, experiencing first hand what trucking is all about. Today the company runs with 39 trucks. Managed by Paul de Wet and Tia on debtors and creditors. Paul also start to train his son P.W. as assistant manager in Jan 2016.

The Company

EC de Wet Transport is situated in Kestell. Located next to the N5 we are strategically in the middle of South Africa for easy distribution.

We have a 15ha storage facility and a small assembly area. Owing the property which is also a farm, it could easily be expanded to accommodate any new customers and requests.

Kestell Operations

Our operations based in Kestell, Free State, South Africa

Every assembled item is being transported from its point of origin to Kestell to be stored. The storage facility are under 24 hour camera surveillance and 24 hour guarding services.

Kestell is the location where loads are planed and put together so we can be more cost sufficient.

As far as possible we can promise a 5 day delivery . If we can’t deliver within 4 days we will call to make the necessary arrangements.

There are 4 forklifts in Kestell to assist in easy loading / off loading.

We can also provide, if necessary:

  • A summery of all items moved in a specific month.
  • A summery of how many times a specific item has moved – per month.

We have 25 trucks for regular loads. 8 Trucks for abnormal loads with 14 escort vehicles actively in service.

Our entire fleet consists of 39 trucks.

Every vehicle is equipped with a C-Track. Not only for safety but also for easy management.

A total of 6 trucks are fitted with Palfinger cranes.

We can organise police clearance and do cross-border transport on a monthly basis.

All loads down to the Cape will only leave on a Sunday / Monday.

We have transport insurance up to R 4 million Per load.

EC de Wet Transport is BEE compliant with a level 4 score.

Farmquipt Assembly Plant

Bobby Thompson - Operations Manager

Bobby Thompson – Operations Manager

We recently moved to our new assembly plant in Lynnfield Park, Ashburton under the name of Farmquipt Assembly. The company was established  in 2008.

Farmquipt Assembly have 36 employees under the management of Bobby Thompson.

The Harbour and Farmquipt  Assembly is operational for 363 days a year.

We implemented a ship monitoring system Ship Scene that enable us to monitor ship movement inside and outside the harbour.

There are 6 trucks in Pinetown for shunting only. We can handle 25 containers per day or 75 units. Empty containers can be returned within 48 h without any additional storage fees. We can proudly state that since 2008 we had only one storage claim.

Our skilled and well trained personnel are totally equipped and trained to assemble all types of equipment. Also on site are 4 forklifts.

On receiving a container, a container sheet is being filled out and faxed / mailed to head office reflecting the contents, serial numbers and all damages and or shortages if any (photo’s included). All Roll-On/Roll-Off items are checked and noted by our harbour co-ordinator when loaded, this too gets reported to head office.

Farmquipt Assembly is BEE compliant with a level 4 score.

Click here to visit the Farmquipt Assembly website.

Download and View Our Official Documentation below:

EC De Wet Transport BEE Certificate

EC De Wet Transport Environmental Sustainability Policy

Farmquipt BEE Certificate

Mission & Strategy

The strategy of E C de Wet Vervoer (Paul) is to consolidate it’s good customer and client service by making timely deliveries, hiring skilled employees and having a competitive pricing structure.

This company is an independently-run business that does not utilise sub-contractors.

Management and the team of De Wet Transport and Farmquipt strive for excellence in all we do. We recognise the impact that our activities may have on people and the environment.

To implement and maintain as far as possible, the activities of the company in such a manner as to prevent harm or damage to persons and property. Safety, health and protection is an integrated part of our planning.

Whenever we do business, we strive for perfection, honesty and respect for each and every client. We know that success needs hard work and dedication.

We are always open for any discussions to simplify or improve our operations.

The Future and Long Term Goals

As the company grows, the size of the premises in Pinetown became too small. We purchased a new premises in iBubezi  business park in Ashburton and recently moved in.

The new 25,000 m2  plant consists of a 12,000 m2 warehouse and 400 m2 office block with conference facilities.

Every year one third of the trucks are replaced to keep the fleet in tip top condition.

New Lynnfield Park Facilities

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